Unlocked. This is a term that I use to describe people on the Autism Spectrum who have found their true passion, their obsession.

I use this term in reference to the many conversations I have had with my wife, or with other autism spectrum specialists. So often, when talking about their work with children on the spectrum, they will speak about finding "the key". Finding the one thing with that child that "unlocks" them. That moment of discovery can set the child free from a world bound and constrained by their autism, and release them into an amazing future. From that moment on, that key becomes the tool with which educators and carers can relate, guide and enable that child. The nature of Autism so often means extraordinary things, a life that is so much more than so many people expect. Obsessions lead to talents, talents grow exponentially, and that child, becomes an individual of extraordinary abilities.

In "Unlocked", I seek to show where this can go. I am using portraits and conversations to explore the world of these "unlocked" individuals, to share their journey and their passions. To reveal how a diagnosis of Autism can be a source of joy and of excitement, for the future that lies ahead.

This project is only in its infancy, and so no images are ready at this time to be displayed.