Thanks for coming to take a look at my personal photographic work.

First, I need to make this clear. I hate about pages. I can't stand talking about myself. But I guess I need to do some explaining what this is about. This page is all about the photography that I choose to do for myself. These projects come from that intense burning that sits inside a creative, and if it isn't released, will engulf them.

My personal work can be driven by many things. It can be a desire to express an emotion, it can be a need to push myself, or it can be even come from a place of frustration, where I use my work to try and inform and stimulate thought.

So who is Ed Jones?

Well I am a husband, a father. I am a professional photographer and I am an artist. I am an Aspie, and tread a line between an intense need for structure and order, and a burning desire to embrace creative chaos. As someone on the Autism Spectrum I also fight a myriad of other issues, from an obsessional need to follow my passion, to deep depression, from a need to be around people, to needing total isolation.

The projects here can be simple, personal work, where I am just seeking to explore my craft (as with "Bruces" & 52 Portraits), or they can be part of my need to gain a deeper understanding of my fellow humans. Often, my projects are influenced by, or even centred around my autism, either due to my desire to gain a deeper understanding for myself, or to help bring non-autistics a fresh perspective on those of us on the spectrum. This is the case with "Faces of Emotion" 

I choose to work in a field where I am able to use my craft on a daily basis, so that I can fill my spare time with releasing that passion into my personal work.