52 Portraits

"52 Portraits" is a very simple project. Its also really about nothing in particular except ordinary people, and pushing myself to think and create within the bounds of self imposed limitations. It is about sharpening my skills and growing my creativity through being forced to adapt and think on my feet.

The premise of 52 portraits is this: Each week, I will shoot a portrait of a different person. I will not shoot in my own space, instead, I will go to them and shoot in a space meaningful to them. I will only have use of what I can carry in my Think Tank messenger bag, and using a maximum of two speed lights.

This means that I have to think and pack carefully, I don't have much capacity for backups, or for any big fancy equipment.

So I will be working under various limitations, gear, location, time etc, which I hope will force me to become more creative and better at thinking on my feet.

Whilst I may shoot a few different set ups each session, I will choose just one to share on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/edjonesphoto/).

I will also do a short blog post about each shoot here.

Anyway, enough writing, time for my first shoot.